A passion become art

SINCE 1975

Since over 40 years we are the global consultancy centre for furnishing of any type of residence. With manic attention to detail and great artisan quality, Divina Project stands today as the worthy heir of the Nova Serenissima empire.

Back in 1975, the family Marchiotto started a small workshop made of passion and love for the art of carving. The professionalism and charisma of the company meant that in 2000s the doors of the foreign market were opened wide: the class and quality of Made in Italy made foreigners fall in love with our product and this rise to cooperations that they have seen us main character in the world.

The uniqueness in each creation

Divina Project, born from the generational change of the company Nova Serenissima that was known internationally as a reference in classic furniture, today offers its customers the ideal solution for all interior design projects, contract, architects and project managers, developing thus a 360° support for all issues relating to the construction site and a turnkey service for the customer.

Brand essence


To create aesthetically remarkable and long-lasting furniture and interior decoration thanks to the union of elegance, Venetian craftsmanship and precision.


To bring the beauty of Venetian craftsmanship all over the world and be recognized as a leader in the production of unique handmade furniture.


Elegance in the refinement of the design and in the selection of materials. Craftsmanship that means passion for the creative work which give life to unique handmade artworks. Precision to satisfy the customer by offering him an aesthetically quality piece of furniture that lasts over time.